The City of Kolkata, is the main port entry in North Eastern India. It is 120 km from the Bay of Bengal and stands on the eastern bank of River Hooghly (Ganga).

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation serves an area of 187.33 sq. km. It does so with the help of a complex multi-departmental set-up and network of 15 decentralized Borough Administrations and 141 Wards. Kolkata has a population of 4,580,544 as per 2001 Census and another 6 million floating population daily, with a population density of 24,429 per sq. km. The city has about 1 million (Approx) buildings, out of which 79.23% are reinforced, cement concrete structures. The Vehicular Population is about 1.05 million, which runs on its total road length of about 1800 kms.




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